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If Love is not the answer

Happy with everything you have read up until now or do you have any questions? Here a few questions and answers that we thought might come up – maybe we have answered your question below – take a look. If not, then give us a call or write us an email hi@happycups.de!

What is Happy Cups?

Happy Cups makes Happy Cups. Ok, again: Happy Cups produces and offers high quality hardpaper coffee-to-go-cups with a special design that will make you happy: Hot drinks + design + quality. Happy Cups.

What does Happy Cups actually do?

Happy Cups are true image drivers. Those selling coffee in Happy Cups can rest assure that the consumer will not only return because of the good coffee but also because of that amazing design, cruising through the memories of last weeks or yesterdays coffee. Remember: Once happy – always happy.

What makes Happy Cups so special?

With Happy Cups it is all about the outside telling us something about the inside. In this case one can say: If the outside is great – the inside will be too! The best thing about it, is that all Happy Cups communication is fun and simply a different way of communicating. There is no need for more boring white cups in this world. Happy Cups make the perfect small accessory, with their pretty, friendly and amusing designs that make you smile and make you feel that you have received that little bit more attention – making the cafè you are in - special. A special feeling that is remembered and to which consumers will always like to return.

Where do Happy Cups come from?

Happy Cups is of course aiming for World-Happiness. The Cups however, are produced neatly and proper in Germany.

Whats the difference between Happy Cups and the normal Coffee-to-go cups?

Happy Cups look and feel better. Tadaa! A grey boring carton cup in mausy, slightly offish white would never awaken the emotions Happy Cups can with its pretty colors and crazy designs. Which has the effect we strive for – a happy and repurchasing consumer.

Do you have different shapes and sizes?

Yes! Happy Cups can live up to all sorts of different likings. Ranging from smooth color symphonies to trendy-cool looks with our Limited Editions as well as your own individual stamp...

What different sizes are there?

You can buy Happy Cups in all known sizes ranging from 0,2l (8oz.), 0,3l(12oz.) to 0,4l(16oz.). A detailed overview on all sizes and products can be found here. At the moment we can’t offer all cup designs in all sizes but if you have a special requirement that you can’t find on our website then drop us an email hi@happycups.de – and we will find a way!

Why is it that every time you mention the sizes I think of bra sizes?

Yes.. well ähem. Sorry about that. We have the same problem. But that doesn’t make us especially unhappy. Maybe that will turn into our next project? But until then we’ll stick to coffee cups.

What’s the quality like of Happy Cups?

It is seriously important to us that our products convince you on all levels: High quality materials are combined with excellent production and valued design. On top we make sure that our quality standards are felt throughout the whole chain of commerce – from production to service. Only on cups made of happiness - will you find happy printed on it!

What print process is used on Happy Cups?

Happy Cups uses only high quality printing processes. It is the only way we can guarantee the high quality we expect for our design and samples.

What print colors are used on Happy Cups?

Cheers to that! All Happy Cup colors are to 100% mineral-oil free, have low migration, are exhalation and taste free and with that are absolutely safe for all consumers.

Who designs the Cups?

Hear up, this is where we are actually quite chuffed: Happy Cups are designed by well known international artists who normally only work for huge global companies. That’s how our cups become small pieces of art.

What do the Cups really look like?

The photos we take of our products do show the product as they are. Of course there are different computer screens and settings which might lead to the Cups looking different on screen than in real life. That difference would be so tiny – however, if you are disappointed with what you have received then please do not hesitate and email us and we will take care of it immediately! hi@happycups.de

Could your designers design custom-made cups for my Cafe?

Of course - they would love to! That would be an honor and challenge we would love to take on. Please send us your inquiry and wishes to hi@happycups.de, and we will send you a custom-made offer.

How will I find out about new designs?

After you have registered with Happy Cups you will receive news on special offers and events via our newsletter. To get closer you can find us on Facebook and Twitter. That’s where we will be posting all our new designs and projects and will keep you updated on the colorful happenings in our Happy-Cup-World.

How high are the delivery costs?

Within Germany we charge a flat rate of € 5,90 and free of charge from an order value of € 150 - that is exluding the islands (sorry!). Here you can find more information on delivery.

How long does the delivery take?

You can rely on us to speed up the process as much as possible so that you receive your Happy Cups as quickly as possible. Within Germany the delivery time is 1-3 days. If you need it Express then of course we can speed that up too and get them to you even sooner. Just let us know!

What do I do if the delivery doesn’t get here?

That shouldn’t happen! If however for some reason this does happen then please contact us immediately either via email: meinebestellung@happycups.de or give us a call +49 (0) 30 233 291 89 or send us a fax +49 (0) 30 233 291 87.

Do you deliver abroad within Europe?

Yes! We love to – all information regarding delivery to European countries here.

Can I exchange products that I have purchased?

Yes, you can exchange products if they are for example damaged or not packaged properly. In this case please email us on meinebestellung@happycups.de and we will answer your questions or concerns. For more detailed information on exchange or delivery follow this link.

Can I track my order online?

Yes please do: With your order confirmation Email you will receive a tracking number. That makes is easy for you to check up on your order anytime!

Do you have all the Cups you offer in stock?

Yep! All cups we offer for purchase we have in stock. And on the rare occasion that this is not the case then we will note it on our website. For more detailed information on this here.

Does Happy Cups also deliver to private individuals for non-commercial purposes?

We only deliver to commercial clients but encourage everyone to print their own coffee-to-go cups. If you are not ordering for commercial purposes and think our products are interesting then take a look at our partner Coffee Circle www.coffeecircle.com they will make you happy for sure! PS: They also have fantastic coffee.