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About us

Okay: Happy Cups are these amazing cups with unique designs, with the best possible print on high quality cups – impressing people across boarders as we speak. But who are the people behind the scenes? Well, that’s us! A few boys and girls from Berlin who have started up and are taking off, making sure that everyone has the chance to

hold one of these amazing cups in their hands. Having worked in this creative business for donkey years, we know about design, product development and marketing. We know whats going on and whats coming up, are reliable and have a deeply felt ambition to please our clients to the upmost possible, making them consistently happy.

Our office combines creativity with brutal facts and numbers, imaginative vision builders with german discipline – and it works! To make sure you get our personal enthusiasm and commitment you talk to us direct. We look forward to the work ahead and exciting, successfull projects with you!